Instructions for the Family Apartments

Reservation of the apartments, as well as the distribution to those in need.

  •  The Taika ward secretaries are responsible for reserving the apartments and handing over keys to staying parents.
  • All documents and doctor’s certificate for travel costs (KELA SV 67) are returned to the ward secretaries when the apartment key is returned. Ward secretaries send the PoA’s to Kympin Lapset’s executive director, Anu Tikka, Messeniuksenkatu 10 A 4, 00250 Helsinki. Anu Tikka invoices Kela through a power of attorney. Thereby, the stay is free of charge for the families.
  • When the residents change and the apartment needs larger cleaning, the change will be notified to Kympin Lapset’s association secretary Tiina Kallio, who will order the cleaning.

Use of the apartments / hygiene

Kympin Lapset offers accomodation for parents whose child is treated in the Ward Taika. The whole family can live in the family apartments Perhe Messinen or Susanna-koti

You should not stay in the apartments if you have a respiratory infection, flu, stomach illness or any other infectious disease. If you become ill during the stay, immediately notify Kympin Lapset’s association secretary (tel. 041 312 0089). This information is important to arrange for the necessary cleaning.

To avoid any infections, hand washing is intensified so that hands are washed and disinfected when residents enter the association's apartment. Paper or personal towels are recommended for drying hands.

Cleaning and personal laundry

The laundry of the association is the responsible of the cleaner firms, which can wash the laundry in accordance with the hygiene instructions.

Families buy themselves the toilet paper, kitchen towels, laundry powders, soaps and other hygiene products they need. Cleaning of the apartments and washing of personal laundry is the responsibility of the families during their stay in the apartment. 

Dishes should always be machine washed at 60 degrees.

Maintenance: In case of technical problems in the apartments

In case of technical or acute problems, please contact the housing company's maintenance company directly. Faults or problems belonging to the housing company's maintenance company include, for example: leaking tap or sewer blockage.

Maintenance Company: Perhe Messinen/Pikku Messinen

Huoltoyhtiö Kotikatu Oy

tel. 010 270 8700 (mon-fri 7-16) / tel. 010 270 8888 (only acute matters, evening, and nigh time)

Maintenance Company: Linnankoski

Talopalvelu Suurkoivu/ Juhana Suurkoivu tfn. 0456789448

Other deficiencies or repair needs in the apartment

If there are other deficiencies in the apartment or something has broken, contact the association directly during office hours on weekdays.

Kympin Lapset’s  Office:

Association Secretary Tiina Kallio

tel. 041 312 0089